Guideline tippet Rings 4mm Salmon and Seatrout

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Guideline tippet Rings with a diameter of 4 mm and a breaking strength of 24 kg which makes it very easy to change the leader tip.

leader rings with a diameter of 4 millimeters suitable for salmon, sea trout, pike and other larger fish species. These are top quality rings made in Japan with a black/nickel surface finish for minimal interference. The breaking strength is 24 kilos, which in practice allows you to use these for all kinds of fishing, so they are stronger than, for example, the core of most fly lines and shooting heads.

Supplied 10 pieces per pack mounted on a bait lock for easy and safe handling. Attach the bait lock to your fly box, to a pin-on reel, or to a D-ring on your vest/waist bag to always have your leader rings easily accessible.

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