Guideline Predator Evolve WF - Fly line

Line Weight : #7
Density: Float
Discounted price785,00 kr


Guideline Predator Evolve has superb taper for casting large and wind catching flies and we have utilized new computer controlled machine technology to primarily reduce the shooting line diameter.

Guideline Predator Evolve WF is a new series of lines based on Guideline's well-proven Pike, but which has received an upgrade in a number of different points and a new name; Predator. The lines still have the same superb taper for casting large and wind-catching flies, but we have utilized new computer-controlled machine technology to primarily reduce the diameter of the shooting line. It makes the lines cast farther with less effort and gives nice, controlled casts with all types of flies. This becomes especially clear when wading, where you cast from a lower position and have a lot of loose line in the water to control.

The lines are available from class WF7 to WF10 in three different densities - Float, Float/Hoover/Intermediate and Sink1/Sink3. They are built around Guidelines' proven braided dumb Direct Contact core that has a breaking strength of 30 lbs. The ropes have strong factory-fitted loops both at the front and at the rear end of the rope. The lump length is 11 meters in all classes including 3 meters of back tapering.

Predator Evolve Float.

A floating line with a small diameter and a powerfully tapered lump as well as a well-balanced push line. It gives good casting lengths when wade fishing, but also helps with rollover in windy conditions or when fishing from a boat. Color: Light Green/Sunrise Orange.

Predator Evolve Hover/Intermediate.

A density that works for large parts of the season, a real all-round line that covers many occasions when fishing from the surface down to a depth of 1-2 meters. It has a powerful 6 meter long hover/intermediate front end which descends at a speed of 30 sec/m. A short floating rear part and floating push line provide good control of the loose line and fine properties when fishing in. Color: Clear light green/Sunrise Orange.

Predator Evolve Drop1/Drop3.

This is a very effective line with double densities for those occasions when the fish is in the lower water layers at a depth of 2-5 meters. An aggressive taper, along with a steadily increasing sink rate towards the tip, keeps this line in the strike zone for a longer period of the fly's take home. The tapering also facilitates a new cast with a bit of line outside the rod. The shooting line balances the ball perfectly and provides long trouble-free casts. Color: Sea Green/Sunrise Orange.

Model Head Length Head Weight Densities Total Length
Preator Evolve WF #7 11 meters 18 grams Float - F/H/I - S1/S3 30 m / 33 yds
Preator Evolve WF #8 11 meters 20 grams Float - F/H/I - S1/S3 30 m / 33 yds
Preator Evolve WF #9 11 meters 22 grams Float - F/H/I - S1/S3 30 m / 33 yds
Preator Evolve WF #10 11 meters 24 grams Float - F/H/I - S1/S3 30 m / 33 yds

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