Guideline Power Strike Salmon 12ft - Tapered leader

Diameter: 0.30mm
Discounted price64,00 kr


Tapered leaders for salmon fishing in nylon monofilament. Powerful butt parts for turning over really big and heavy flies. Made of medium-stiff monofilament to achieve the best roll-over with different fly types, even in wind.

Made to the same high standard as other leaders . The salmonleaders s also have stronger butt parts to turn over really large and heavy flies. The leaders s are made of a medium stiff monofilament to achieve the best roll with different fly types, even in strong winds. The color is clear for low visibility in the water. The leaders s are delivered in a waterproof package that also protects against UV radiation. This ensures that you always buy a product of the highest quality.

Length Lace, etc. Butt etc. Breaking strength tip Kg Breaking strength tip Lbs
12´ 0.30mm 0.65 6.3 13.9
12´ 0.35mm 0.65 8.4 18.5
12´ 0.40mm 0.70 10.8 23.8
Breaking strength lbs 12.4 10.8 8.8 7.3
12´ 0.45mm 0.70 13.9 30.6

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