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Line Weight : #5
Density: Float
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Guideline Coastal Evolve has been the reference line for coastal fly fishermen around Europe for many years. Coating specially adapted for fishing during the colder part of the season. Tapering and build up provide long casts and are optimized to hit well even in windy conditions.

Guideline's brand new Coastal Evolve WF fly line has an optimized tapering with slightly more mass in the front part to make it easier to turn over the fly in strong winds, something that is not entirely unusual in coastal fishing. We have designed the line for fishing for sea trout, sea bass, mullet and other coastal species that live in shallow water and require long, careful and precise casts regardless of weather conditions. The Coastal Evolve has an improved and slightly thinner floating shooting line to provide less friction in the tracks and thus longer casts in difficult conditions. The color of the Coastal Slow Intermediate's lump is what we call Ice Green, while the lump of Fast Intermediate is a slightly darker Sea Green. The floating push line is a clearly visible Sunrise Yellow which makes it easy to see where the line between lump and push line is. This makes it much easier so that you can easily perceive when it is time to let go of the throw.

The coating is the same non-memory, smooth and durable type that many recognize from the previous version. The line has a Direct Contact core with only 5% elongation, which means that you have excellent contact with the fly and feel the slightest push and pull that a fish does. Because the Coastal is just below the surface it creates a straight line between your hand and the fly and waves do not affect contact. PVC-free coating without softeners and a wear resistance in a class of its own make Coastal a good environmental choice. Ready-made loops in the front and back end make it easy to pick up a leader and connect the line to the backing via the loop system.

The lump weight in the table is 9.8 meters which is the bulk of the lump and what is required to cast effectively and without effort. The back tapering has the same color as the shooting line and is a 4 meter long, evenly tapered part that provides very good stability when you hold a lot of line in the air and want to throw really far. When you cast the Coastal Evolve, it feels weighty like the previous Coastal, but it has more stability and power in the overroll due to a slightly more compact taper in the front part of the lump. This feature is an important improvement for both casting and presentation in wind with increased stability and a roll that is much less wind sensitive. Back tapering/handling line was also excluded in the lump weight of the first generation Coastal. Total length is 32 meters.

Slow Intermediate has a sinking speed of 1.25cm/second. The discreet color of the lump together with the density means that the line stays just below the surface of the water during fishing and does not create shadows and disturbances on the surface. This makes it the perfect weapon for shy fish in shallow water. Fast Intermediate has a sinking speed of 3.8cm/sec and thus goes down slightly deeper. It fits nicely when you want to fish off edges and deeper areas, or when you fish shallower but want high speed on the fly. On some occasions, just a quickly home-fished fly can be the difference between a good and bad day on the coast.

Despite its name, we also want to highlight Coastal as a super fine option for the lake fly fisherman who hunts rainbow and trout in still water. As on the coast, you often encounter windy days that require you to be able to cast without problems even against the wind, and it is striking often that the wind drives food in on the windward side and that is where the fish are found. Fishing a nymph or streamer just below the surface is often very effective, and when the line goes down just below the turbulent surface, it gives good contact with the fly. The reverse applies when you have lung conditions with a glossy surface on a lake; a Slow Intermediate Coastal gives no disturbance but can still present a fly close to the surface with a nice silhouette.

Model Link class Clump length Clump weight Densities Total Length
Coastal Evolve #5 9.8 m / 32.2 ft 13.5g / 208 grains Float - Slow Int - Fast Int 32 m / 35 yds
Coastal Evolve #6 9.8 m / 32.2 ft 15.5g / 239 grains Float - Slow Int - Fast Int 32 m / 35 yds
Coastal Evolve #7 9.8 m / 32.2 ft 17.5g / 270 grains Float - Slow Int - Fast Int 32 m / 35 yds
Coastal Evolve #8 9.8 m / 32.2 ft 19.5g / 300 grains Float - Slow Int - Fast Int 32 m / 35 yds
Coastal Evolve #9 9.8 m / 32.2 ft 21.5g / 330 grains Float - Slow Int - Fast Int 32 m / 35 yds

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Guideline Coastal Evolve WF - Fluglina

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