Guideline Coastal Dual Camo Headover

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Dear child has many names such as buff, facemask or multibandana, and we call ours headover. It is an incredibly versatile garment that can be used to keep the neck, neck and head warm in cold weather, but also protect the face from the sun on fine days.

Smart elastic headover (or multibandana / buff  / facemask) that protects both from the cold in winter and from the sun in summer. Can be used as a scarf, face mask, hat, hair band, headband or however you like. Made of 100% polyester which means it stays fresh for a longer time, and is in a soft and seamless design.

We call our model the Coastal Dual Camo Headover and it has two different shades of blue/grey camouflage pattern. So depending on how you turn it, you get a different color. We have put a vertical Guideline logo on each end and the dimensions are 50 x 25 cm. One size fits all and it is delivered in an environmentally friendly brown cardboard envelope.

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