Guideline 4D Compact Multi Tip - Shooting Head

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Guideline 4D Compact Multi Tip is a perfectly adapted kit with a floating 4D Compact back and a mesh case with three replaceable tips in different densities.

4D Compact Multi Tip is a complete kit and the best, easiest and most economical way to get your line right from the start when fishing with a MultiTip line. This pack consists of a floating 4D Compact back and a mesh case with a set of three different interchangeable tips of varying density: H/I, S1/S3 and S3/S5. It gives you a good starting point to be able to fish in different types of water and different depths depending on the season, water level and current speed. 4D Compact is a complete range of lines that cover all types of fishing from single handed to switch, and all the way up to the light and medium fishing with two handed rods. The lines are super easy to handle and cast due to their short length. It has a powerful but well-balanced taper and works equally well for both Scandi and Skagit casts.

The tails are between 5.0 and 5.4 meters in length and vary slightly with increasing line weight, making them perfect for use on rods 14 feet or shorter. Just match the tail with one of the tips with the color codes facing each other and then add a leader that has the correct length and breaking strength. These lines will handle both small and large flies superbly, casting both far and with good precision and control. 4D Compact backs are built on our dumb and strong 30lbs Direct Contact™ core that only has 6% longitudinal stretch. All ropes are equipped with color-coded loops in the front. They also have ID markings on the back for easy identification. They are equipped with the industry's strongest and most reliable small, coated loops. The ropes are produced from environmentally friendly materials and have a durable polyurethane coating with low friction.

TLT (Triple Layer Technology) & Direct Contact Core
The fly lines of the future are here and consist of a revolutionary and complex multi-denisity technology with three different hardnesses in the coating. Coating with varying properties is added to the different parts of the line for less memory, better casting characteristics, better contact with the fish and increased wear resistance. TLT allows us to produce lines that flow well and release water much more efficiently than before. The tapering is built on our Direct Contact™ multifilament core with only 6% stretch.

Model Total weight & length Floating rear end Lace H/I, S1/3, S3/5 Color code
4D Compact Multi Tip - SH #7/8 19 g/293 gr - 8.0 m/26´3" 12 g/185 gr - 5.0 m/16´4" 7 g/108 gr - 3.0 m/10` Purple
4D Compact Multi Tip - SH #8/9 21 g/324 gr - 8.0 m/26´3" 14 g/185 gr - 5.0 m/16´4" 7 g/108 gr - 3.0 m/10´ Light blue
4D Compact Multi Tip - SH #9/10 25 g/386 gr- 8.8 m/28´9" 18 g/278 gr - 5.2 m/17´1" 7 g/108 gr - 3.6 m/12´ Olive
4D Compact Multi Tip - DH #7/8 29 g/448 gr - 9.0 m/29´5" 22 g/340 gr - 5.4 m/17´7" 7 g/108 gr - 3.6 m/12´ Yellow
4D Compact Multi Tip - DH #8/9 34 g/525 gr - 9.0 m/29´5" 25 g/340 gr - 5.4 m/17´7" 9 g/139 gr - 3.6 m/12´ Orange
4D Compact Multi Tip - DH #9/10 38 g/586 gr - 9.0 m/29´5" 29 g/340 gr - 5.4 m/17´7" 9 g/139 gr - 3.6 m/12´ Light green

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