A.Jensen Big Fly II WF - Fly line

Klass: #8
Densitet: Float
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Big Fly II from A.Jensen is a bomb for WF fly line. It is completely developed to cast large and bulky flies with ease, thus absolutely perfect for predator fishing for pike, for example.

The lump loads your rod quickly which means you can get your big bulky flies out quickly without a lot of false casts. The aggressive front taper also helps turn over the big flies.

The fly line comes with A.Jensen's new "Power Zone", which sits just behind the lump part of the fly line. This part of the fly line is usually the one that breaks first given the stresses that the area is subjected to during the cast and especially double-pull casts. This entire area is reinforced for significantly increased life on the line.

All lines come with neat loops at both ends for easy connection to leader and backing. The fly line is also two-colored to easily identify when the lump turns into shooting line.

The rope comes in the following densities.

  • Floating
  • Intermediate
  • Sink III
AFTM Running Line "Power Zone" Belly Body Part 2 Front Taper Head Length Weight of Head Total Length
7 15.7 m 3.0m 3.5m 2.25m 1.75m 8.30 m 17.5g 27.00 m
8 15.7 m 3.0m 3.5m 2.25m 1.75m 8.30 m 19.2 g 27.00 m
9 15.7 m 3.0m 3.5m 2.25m 1.75m 8.30 m 21.3g 27.00 m
10 15.7 m 3.0m 3.5m 2.25m 1.75m 8.30 m 24.0g 27.00 m

Customer Reviews

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En superlina när man viktar flugorna. Och snabb leverans som vanligt. Stort tack. 😀

Mattias Andersson

Otrolig! Trodde inte att det skulle vara en sådan stor skillnad på linor! Väldigt nöjd 😊

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