Bajio Stiltsville Green Stripe Matte

Variant: Blue Mirror Glass
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Bajío Stiltsville Sunglasses - Designed for the Ultimate Fishing and Partying Experience!

Frame Functions:

  • Slim temples: Designed for a streamlined and comfortable fit.
  • Ergo Ventilated Rubber Pads: Ergonomic and ventilated nose pads for optimal comfort and breathability.
  • Ergo Rubber heel tips: Ergonomic rubber heel tips that guarantee a non-slip fit.
  • Two-way flex hinge: The hinges provide flexibility both inward and outward for a durable and customizable fit.

Lens features:

  • LAPIS™ Technology: Advanced technology that reduces blue light by 95% and yellow light by 90%, reducing eye fatigue and improving visual acuity.
  • UV protection: Blocks 100% of UV light, protecting your eyes from the sun's harmful rays.

Named after the historic ruins of several prominent Prohibition-era social clubs in Biscayne Bay, Florida, Stiltsville sunglasses offer the perfect blend of function and fun. These full wrap sunglasses are ideal for serious bonefishing while celebrating the constant party atmosphere at Stiltsville. Whether you're looking to catch bonefish or just want to enjoy a day on the water, Stiltsville sunglasses give you the best of both worlds.

Glass or Polycarbonate? Bajío sunglass lenses are available in either glass or polycarbonate, each with its own advantages. The glass lenses are harder and have built-in mirrors that are scratch-free, ideal for intense activities. However, they are heavier. Polycarbonate lenses are impact resistant and lightweight, perfect for long days on the water. The choice is between weight and scratch resistance, depending on what is valued most.

Lenses for different lighting conditions (1-7 where 1 is the brightest):

  1. Blue Mirror (Blue Mirror)
    • Ideal for offshore fishing and boating in very strong sun.
    • Grey base with polarized film and blue mirror.
    • Light transmission: 10%
    • Blocks 96% of blue light and 95% of yellow light.
  1. Green Mirror (Green Mirror)
    • Perfect for inshore fishing.
    • Brown amber base with green mirror.
    • Light transmission: 12%
    • Blocks 96% of blue light and 94% of yellow light.
  1. Gray
    • A variant without a mirror.
    • Grey base.
    • Light transmission: 12%
    • Blocks 95% of blue and yellow light.
  1. Silver Mirror (Silver Mirror)
    • Versatile for both bright and dim light.
    • Copper base with silver mirror.
    • Light transmission: 14%
    • Blocks 97% of blue light and 93% of yellow light.
  1. Copper
    • Discreet design, ideal for varied lighting conditions.
    • Copper base.
    • Light transmission: 14%
    • Blocks 97% of blue light and 92% of yellow light.
  1. Rose Mirror (Rose Mirror)
    • Light and technical, for low light and varied conditions.
    • Light copper base with pink mirror.
    • Light transmission: 18%
    • Blocks 96% of blue light and 92% of yellow light.
  1. Violet Mirror (Violet Mirror)
    • Extremely high contrast for visibility in low light.
    • Yellow base with violet mirror.
    • Light transmission: 22%
    • Blocks 98% of blue light and 88% of yellow light.

Each model is designed to maximize your experience and performance in different light conditions, whether you are on the open sea or on the coast.

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