Guideline Fario Elite WF Floating - Fly Line

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Line Weight : #3
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Guideline Fario Elite is adapted for fly fishermen looking for a versatile line for all types of casts, varying cast lengths and different fishing locations. It is the ultimate all-round line for the dedicated trout angler.

Guideline Fario Elite combines the best of short and long lump lengths and is the all-round line in the Fario range. The taper is similar to the previous version Fario and shares some commonality with the Fario Tactical, but the taper on the Elite is longer, measuring 10.1 meters in #3 and #4 and 10.6 meters in #5 through #7. Thus, it falls halfway between Tactical and Distance. This fly line is an all-rounder in the true sense of the word. It works well for all types of casts and with its slightly longer lump allows you to keep more line in the air than the Fario Tactical. In the hands of a good caster, delicate presentations at 25 yards are entirely possible. The Fario Elite is suitable for fly anglers of all levels who are looking for the most versatile combination of: good casting characteristics for all types of casts, greatest variety in cast lengths and most versatility with respect to different fishing locations. The line handles dry flies, nymphs and smaller streamers with grace.

The Fario Elite has a relatively long front taper of 5.5 m which provides a smooth and precise power transfer from the club through the tip and out to the leader and the fly. This is an important feature for fly lines that are intended for imitation fishing with careful and accurate presentations of the fly. The weight in the lump is concentrated at the rear so you have the most mass and weight closest to the rod, which is a critical factor for a line to work well for underhand and casting. The 1.5 meter long back tapering is followed by a 3 meter long handling line which is thus slightly thicker than the push line. It provides good stability in the air for throwing with a lot of overhang and stable bows with good hang even at longer distances. With a handling line, you also get a hard-wearing transition between the lump and the shooting line, an area on a fly line that is very vulnerable and where wear damage and cracking often occur. Supplied with factory fitted eyelets at both ends and ID marking at the front.

The color is Grayish Green with a Pale Orange action and firing line. Total length is 25 meters in class #3 - #4 and 29 meters in class #5 - #7.

Model Clump length Clump weight Color Total length
Fario Elite WF #3 10.1 m / 33.1 ft 8 g / 125 grains Grayish Green/Pale Orange 25 m / 27.5 yds
Fario Elite WF #4 10.1 m / 33.1 ft 10 g / 155 grains Grayish Green/Pale Orange 25 m / 27.5 yds
Fario Elite WF #5 10.6 m / 34.8 ft 12 g / 185 grains Grayish Green/Pale Orange 29 m / 32 yds
Fario Elite WF #6 10.6 m / 34.8 ft 14 g / 215 grains Grayish Green/Pale Orange 29 m / 32 yds
Fario Elite WF #7 10.6 m / 34.8 ft 16 g / 245 grains Grayish Green/Pale Orange 29 m / 32 yds

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